Fun Day, Singing, Running

I am really lagging behind lately with the posts.   I've felt so busy.  I have yet to write Andie's bday letter.  I'm dying to get this house organized.  I have a lot to do for work.   Anyway,   I'm finally sitting down to write! Life is just getting back to normal after the Horniks left.    Last Friday Andie was awarded a second place ribbon for the 50 meter run and a third place ribbon for long jump.   She's happy, but I know for a fact she didn't get second place!  I think she came in last actually, or maybe second to last but somehow she was recorded as second.   I think we were both very suprised when they called her name!   She is a fast swimmer, but running....not so much.    Oh well! Fun to get the ribbon I guess. 

 Last Saturday was Fun Day.   You can read more about the past Fun Days here.  We helped out a lot with the American Food Stall.  It was a lot of fun for everyone!   We ended up staying late at the Aussie beer tent.   The kids ran around all day and we all went home exhausted!  Good times!

advertising for USA food stall

day before prep...slicing candied ginger for muffins

some of the prep crew
 On Sunday, Mere turned sweet 16!  We got permission to pick her up from school and went to Pacific Harbour for the day.   Happy birthday Mere!

These two.... so freakin' cute.  They've been "twins" all week.  Same hair, shoes, uniform.... 

Girls started swimming again.  After practice, the rugby 15's team got together and sang.  I've seen a few teams doing this after workouts.  I swear, Fijians have the most amazing voices!    SO beautiful!

Had a few friends over yesterday for a yummy chilli dinner because it's so chilly outside!    Getting so cold in the freezing 70 degree temps!