Somehow I found myself doing a triathlon yesterday.   I hadn't been on my bike in one year and had only swam a handful of times since January.   Margot was doing it and talked me into with the reasoning, "Why not?".   I kept trying to talk myself out of it, but didn't really have any good reasons not to do it - except for my nerves.  Luckily, it's so laid back and small here so the nerves weren't too bad either.      Anyway, it was awesome and I am glad I did it.  I am now a SILVER medalist in the Fiji Nationals Triathlon Championship.      And, well, I was also last, but that's just semantics right?   I mean, I was dead last.  They were picking up the cones after me...just waiting for me to get pass the cone and then immediately picking them up when I passed.  It's only a little humiliating - but not so much so that I wouldn't do it again.    We swam 750 km in the ocean (although I think I swam more as they had to whistle at me for going WAY off track), biked 20 km (I did it on a SLOW beach cruiser/hybrid bike while almost everyone else was on a sleek road bike) and a 5k run.     

The morning started out beautifully!   Amazing sunrise and rainbows galore.   What a land of contrasts it is here in Suva.   On one side was the gorgeous rainbow and in the water....   Ugh. I could still gag thinking about it.    Margot and I were going to do a little warm up swim and just as we were about to slide our way in down the mossy ramp to swim, Margot spotted a diaper floating right in our path.   She grabbed an empty icecream container from the other rubbish floating close by and removed the diaper from everyone's swim path.  After that, I just couldn't do the warm up.   I could only swim when everyone else did and tried very hard not to let any water get in my mouth.  Ugh.   So gross.   After the triathlon, I heard the water in Suva harbour is crazy shark infested - hammer heads and bull sharks.   I don't know if that's true but I'm so glad I didn't hear that before the swim!  Anyway, SO glad I did the race.  It was a HUGE workout for me and SUPER fun!  I want to do another one! 

Rainbow on one side, nappy on the other!


diaper right in the path of the swim

Margot is such a bad-ass!   I love that she moved the diaper!

The swim portion

all the kids who did the tri walking out to the start

the start

swim portion

We had to swim out to that green buoy and back two times

getting my silver medal!

all the kids who did it (minus the two little ones)

Love this shot of us laughing after it's all done!