Andie mama daughter day

The time finally arrived for Andie and I to have the inaugural annual mother daughter day.    She's patiently waited for the day which has been pushed back for various reasons, but it finally came!   We started the morning at Governor's to eat a yummy breakfast.   We tried to ignore the gardener mowing the lawn right next to our brekkie, and we were mildly successful.  (By the way, to mow lawns here, gardeners use a little weed wacker for the whole yard!)   We had some great talks over breakfast and lots of cuddle time as we ended up sitting on the same side of the table.

We then went to see Little Big Foot at the movies, where Andie got spoiled with popcorn, powerade, and a choco-top!   

Afterwards, we walked over to Happy Feet for a foot massage.    This place does great foot massages, but I know for a fact if you go into the back for a full body massage, you may get offered more than you expected.   However, up front, is totally legit.  You sit in a very public place and get a nice foot massage.   I tried to take Zoё there but as soon as we walked in, she said she was too scared and insisted we leave.   Andie didn't say anything, but as soon as we sat down (amidst the other customers) she whispered to me that she was really scared (not very much like Andie at all).   I tried to get an explanation, but she couldn't really explain except that she felt fear down deep in her belly.   It made me wonder about our natural instincts and what I say to kids, "Trust your 'Uh-oh feeling."  Absolutely NOTHING inappropriate happened.  We had a very enlightening (I learned that my foot pain is related to my hips?) and  pleasant foot massage (except for the pressure to get foot cupping).   Andie ended up loving the relaxation, but I just found it interesting that she got that gut instinct about a seedy place.    

After our foot massage, we went to Sushi Train and then to Snowy House for dessert.   (There's not much to do in Suva, except to dine and watch movies!).   The day flew by and by the end, I felt closer to my amazing daughter and wished we could do this more often.   We are so amazingly lucky!