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Snippit of visit

Here's a little bit of the family fun happening here in Fiji.   I will post more pictures soon!   Killing time at hotel until we get into villa where i am posting from cousin time Zoe had a ride for the whole second half of the  hike. Spoiled.   These two.... Love

Short adventure to Nadi, Beating of the drums, goodbyes, and VISITS!!

Last week Warren had a Peace Corps conference in Nadi, which is the biggest tourist town in Fiji, about three hours away from our home in Suva.   The girls are on a three week break from school, so we decided to tag along for a little adventure.   On Sunday we broke up the drive by stopping at the best little cafe on the beach half way to Nadi.   ( Eco-cafe ).  We will make it a regular stop from this point forward.  It was delightful!  The pizza was the best I've had here and the girls got to play with the local kids on the beach while we waited.  It's that kind of "We can't believe we live here" type of place that we are so glad we discovered.  After lunch, we drove on to Nadi, getting into town Sunday night.  On Monday Warren worked all day and the girls and I decided to go zip-lining through the rain forest, followed by mud baths at the hot springs.  The girls LOVED zip-lining!   They more they did it, the more they loved it...and the