Dolphin Trip

    It's been grey and rainy non-stop in  Suva for the past week and on and off for the past month.  I have been itching to get out of Suva and into the sun, so yesterday our family went to see the dolphins at Takalona Bay.  (   The spinner dolphins all go into the Moon River reef in the morning and leave every evening.   There are easily 100 dolphins there.   They are called spinner dolphins because when they jump into the air they spin.   It was so cool! (Too bad I didn't get any pictures of them jumping...)
     We drove about 1.5 hours to get to a very simple, little, eco-resort right on the water.   After a lovely morning tea, we took a little boat about 45 minutes from the island into the moon river reef.   At first I was worried we were not going to see any dolphins, but I was completely wrong.  The reef is FULL of them!   They were everywhere.  The pictures below seriously do not do the experience justice.    The dolphins were playing all around us and riding right along with the boat.   It was so cool!  We were the only people out in what felt like the middle of the ocean.   After a long time with the dolphins, we went to the edge of the reef to snorkel.    Again...super cool.   After our swim, we went to see the dolphins one last time and finally returned to the mainland for lunch.   We had the most delicious Fijian feast (minus fish since we didn't catch any on our way out to the dolphins) surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.  We opted out of taking the walk to the waterfall after lunch since the girls were exhausted, but maybe next time.   Yes...there will definitely be a next time. It was kinda a perfect day!  

view from morning tea and lunch

Of course Andie was more interested in the local cat than the view

Already seen so many dolphins...just checking out my bathing suit!  Notice dolphins right behind her!

I felt like we were in the middle of the ocean.  It was gorgeous. 

On the ride back to the mainland.  The kids loved sitting in front of the boat. (They wore life jackets once we started really moving)

Goofy family time

PS....  Grandparents side note.....   Zoe also got an award this week!  She was beyond thrilled because she got a happy award for good behavior, and a PYP award for using critical thinking skills.   She has hung the award on her wall right next to her bed.    She is very proud of herself and so are we!


  1. Humor + timing + observation = Critical Thinking Skills! I'm so glad they recognize that with awards instead of draining it out of them with endless testing like here in the States.


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