KKH and crew visit cont.

It's been a long time since I've posted.  Turns out when your bestie is in town and five little girls are running the household, there is very little time for the extras....like blogging.   But.....  there is a lot to blog about!  We've been busy.  We've had the best time!   In the last two weeks, we've covered a lot of ground!   

Two weeks ago, we hiked through the rainforest and Kathleen had a freezing dip into the water from the rope swing at Colo-i-Suva while poor Chad had to stay home due to Fiji's revenge on his tummy.   

models at the falls

Kathleen taking the plunge 

The next day Chad and Kathleen went to Mantanuvusi for two nights while we watched the girls.   They both had a great time and I loved getting to know the girls even better.   We went to the American Women's Association fourth of July party just to keep the girls remembering their culture.   

Vivi and I shopped together.   She was very pleased to be helping!

lots of group hot baths after the winter time swims

All decked out for Independence Day

When they returned we all ate a yummy dinner at my house and for some crazy reason I thought they would be able to find their way to the house they were staying while no streets are named in Fiji and it was pitch dark.   Duh.   They got lost and had an adventure on the way.   Turns out once they finally got home, they had left the house key with me.    So....they got to spend the night with some new friends, Abby and Clancy.  (Thanks guys!)     Chad, Kathleen, and I got to explore Suva while the girls enjoyed day camp at Rako Pacifika.     

The next day we left for Voli Voli in RakiRaki.    I LOVE the drive there!   It's SO beautiful.   Before we got to the resort, we stopped at our friend Judy's house and enjoyed picking fruit at her citrus farm.  It was stunning scenery.   We then enjoyed three nights at the resort - beautiful sunsets, full moon nights, ocean/pool swims, perfect weather, early morning sunrise runs, diving, and a sunset cruise were all part of the fun there.    It was pretty close to perfect.   

At the end of the trip, we dropped Chad off at the airport to say a tearful goodbye for the next three weeks for he and his girls.   I hope he loved his time here.  I'm so appreciative that he came and made the effort to be here.   I know it's not easy nor cheap to come here.  It's pretty huge that he made it!

citrus picking

Frangipani hair

sunset cruise

dance party

our boat

late night dance party back at the room

"Is this enough sunscreen Mom?"

Trying to get that Christmas card photo!

Lots like this!

play date in between resorts

those eyes!
 The girls (Hornik and Passin ladies) took a little trip to the Warwick before school and work started up again!   We stopped at the Eco Cafe on the way and had the most lovely experience - good pizza, beautiful views, bamboo playground, beach swing, live music, and horseback riding.   It was awesome!  The kids loved it and so did we!

Then, we finally got to the Warwick.  It was crazy crowded and less than personal, but still beautiful.  The kids had the best time romping around on the beach and by the pool, while Kathleen and I thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of Kids Club, beautiful scenery, and dining out on an island.    It was a great way to end the last few days of the winter holiday.

kids running along the wall

After we got home, we went to a fun festival on Saturday and then hiking on Sunday.   It's just so nice to have Kathleen and crew here.  Love having them around.  Love getting to know her girls better instead of just hearing stories about them.  Love her companionship.   So so grateful for the time!

girls had a cuddle in the morning
 On Sunday we got muddy and climbed up Mt Korobobo high above Suva as a fundraiser for the Range of Motion Project (ROMP)!  Check outhttp://www.rompglobal.org! Amazing people doing amazing work!  Donate if you'd like!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kate!!! Such incredible pictures and your descriptions really bring them to life. Love to all! (Danielle K)


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