My heart is full.

Kathleen and the girls just left.   They are currently on a plane to LA, the first of four flights they will embark in the next 40 hours.   That's love....when a friend will go through all that by herself with three children just to come visit you.  

The five weeks here with them was amazing.  We both cried when we said goodbye, just so sad to end this time, and because it was beautiful, and because I will miss her companionship, and because, wow....just how blessed we are to have each know one another since we were six and to love one another and love each other's families.   

I love that she knows our life here...truly understands it.  She can picture everything now.  I love that she knows my girls and Warren better than ever before and actually can see my daily joys and frustrations.  I love that I know her girls.   I know that Stella is a gorgeous, empathetic, sweet, poised young lady and Siena is fierce, happy, fun, and strong-willed.   I love that Vivi is the hilarious, dance to the beat of her own drum, loving, endearing three year old of the crew.   I love that I love their smiles and can see the light in their eyes and their little souls.   I love that I got to witness Kathleen in her full mothering mode - the challenges and the rewards.   I love that we are on that journey together.  I am amazed how despite our very different lives and sometimes different views, Kathleen and I still have so much in common.  The core of who we are and who we are together remains strong.  In short, my heart is full.   

So much has happened over the past few weeks that my blog entry would be a book if I tried to detail it all.   The pictures tell the stories best.   The first pictures are the pictures I got from Kathleen's camera so some are repeats of what was already posted (but new pictures).   After that you will see pictures of Andie's birthday (letter coming soon), the half marathon we ran together (Kathleen got third place overall!!!), a few resorts, beach days, the Hornik girls at the Passin girls' school, performances galore (at home every night), and some dolphin sightings.  Enjoy!

This was our first trip to Leleuvia.  Still Siena and Vivi's favorite place we visited

River Trip

Colo-i-Suva Hike

Visiting Mere's school

Snuggles at the Holiday Inn

Rako Pasifica Day camp

Market tour with Chad and Kathleen

Picking citrus at farm

saying goodbye to Chad- tears all arond

Eco cafe swing

selfie after three hours at Eco-Cafe

henna at Warwick

loved snuggling this sweet one

Amazing Warren making breakfast for girls while we ran half marathon!

One of the many nightly performances

Kathleen took girls to park while I worked

This was halfway down the road of their five mile walk!

Warren and Vivi.  Magic trick of removing the thumb.  Vivi loved Warren.  It was mutual. 

First day back at work....greeted by a rainbow

Happy 9th birthday Andie.   Thank you to BeBe, PapPap, Amma, Aunt Kate and crew for all of the awesome gifts!!!

very happy with her gifts

Out to Daikoku for Andie's special day

Followed by Snowy House

Andie loved her dessert!

Visiting Warren at the office

Peace Corps Fiji - pit stop on day in town

shared smoothie.  Look at those eyes!

Andie modeling all of her new clothes!

Zoё too!  Thanks Bebe!

Hornik girls at ISS assembly

This is hilarious:

ISS assembly

Check out Stella right in the mix
Beach Day at Pac Harbour

Lol - she was! So relaxed! 

Post half marathon- yummy bu after run

I think I drank three!

Strong mamas!

running crew

spa post marathon

Kathleen being awarded third!

It's a hard knock life! 

snake on the beach

another beach day

these two

loving this book!
Wine Tasting.  

lots of fun

Horniks come to school!

Horniks wore uniforms

Vivi in my office

another performance
Athletics Day

Lunch afterwards.

Takalan Bay Trip to see the dolphins

GPH night

Kathleen did not enjoy this picture at all.  ;)

Girls loved the snow
Andie's birthday party- A huge success

cupcake decorating

Maybe Zoё didn't get enough on hers??

my sweet, sweet 9 year old!!!

This ice cube is a HUGE hit.  Kids cannot stop swimming in the freezing cold just because it's so fun!

Scavenger Hunt rules.  Scavenger Hunt was AWESOME!   Below are some of the pics the kids had to take!

Had to take a pic with an emoji

Had to get pic in the ice cube

and a pic with HOlly

extra points for a picture of a snail

needed a pic with a handstand against a tree

and a funny face with a stuffed animal

hugging a tree

Girls had to make videos for scavenger hunt as well.  Here are a few:

cute Vivi snuck in there

Brownie cake that looks like it says 6, but it's actually 9.  Too bad I didn't bake the brownies long enough and they all were mush.  Kids didn't mind!

Scavenger Hunt



saying goodbye was hard for them

Love that Kathleen got to meet most of my nearest and dearest here in Suva!

Saying goodbye.  Very sad girls

Farewells are always tough

After everyone said goodbye, I drove the girls and Kathleen up to Tambua Sands for the night for one final beach day.   We stopped by Eco-Cafe again on way there.

Tambua Sands beach - lovely

The final goodbye.   Sota Tale!!!!  See you at Christmas!

And then, I come home to this girl who aged overnight!    The lipstick and dressing up doesn't  help!   Oh how I love being home with my girls and focusing on them.    They grow up so quickly.   Sigh.  Thankful for all we have - good friends, family, and friends that are family.   Again, heart is full.  

Signing off-