The really weird thing about grief is that life continues on all around you...even when you ache and those that you hold closest ache terribly on the moves on.   You just keep moving.  If you are really far away from the ones that hurt the most....really far away from who you REALLY keeps moving.   It cannot almost make everything feel unreal.  It's unreal until it smacks you in the face at inopportune times....  I HATE being away from Warren and his family right now.  That's the hardest thing about living in a place like Fiji.  It's just so far.

My parents are still here and that is a very good thing.  If anything, losing Glen has helped me to realize that we should cherish the times with the ones we love.  My kids are LOVING have their Bebe and PapPap here and their presence has probably helped distract them from their shock of losing their PaPa.

It's been a while since I posted about my parents trip.   Let's just say we've been busy exploring all over Fiji.   We've gone to resorts, local beaches, swam a lot in the pool, been to the rain forest, explored town, gone to the local tailor to get Bula wear, visited school, and met a lot of friends.  When Warren was still here we did an awesome tour (   I can highly recommend it to anyone who visits Fiji.  You get to tour a river, go to a waterfall, ride an old bamboo boat (if you choose), visit a village, eat an amazing lovo, watch a meke (dance), learn about local crafts, visit a school, and see a coconut demonstration.  It's about 7 hours long and SO SO worth it.  I think it will be a highlight of my parent's time here.  Here are some pictures of Mom and Dad's adventure so far.

Oh, could I forget to mention that the girls started school this week.  They are now officially in year 2 (Andie) and reception/kindergarten (ZoĆ«).  It's been a good first week all things considered.   Pictures below....

Mom and Dad loved the rainforest.  They did great!

Andie swung from the rope at the highest location!   It was her and all those big boys below!  

They were so helpful and she was SO brave!

You can tell how proud we both are!!

When we got home everyone was so hot we all jumped in the pool with our clothes on!

Here's Dad teaching Andie how to back flip.   Gulp. 

Here is our river trip and us going up the rapids!  You cannot see the huge smiles on our faces!

The river was so beautiful. 

lovo.  Yum.   Food all cooked under ground.

Andie feels so special when she drinks cava. 

This was the oldest woman in the village at 98 years old.  Still weaving...

Happy PapPap

We stayed at the Uprising and did a morning walk in jammies.

It was a beautiful morning.

BeBe and PapPap decided they wanted some Bula wear.  Here they are picking out their fabric. 

Getting measured at the tailor

Will post final products soon!

We discovered a BEAUTIFUL beach completely empty not far out of Suva.   It was such a nice day...

Bebe and PapPap taking refuge in the shade

Twins (or so they say)

Most beaches in Fiji do not have a shore break this close.  It was great fun to swim in the waves.  The girls both got up on the surfboard too!  Woohoo!

Our little dreamers.....

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Years 2 and Reception (kg)

waiting for bus

New classroom

Yay! She has a friend in her new class!