One Year!!!

I cannot believe it is has been one year.  Need to reflect.... Will write more but for now...just so happy we made this choice...

Kate Anderson Passin Wow. One year ago today. I was so excited and so apprehensive. I am now so grateful we took the leap, challenged ourselves to do something different. I believe we've all grown immensely from it.
Justine Ryan We are flying over today for our new start so reading this makes me feel better smile emoticon
Kate Anderson Passin I know you and your family will flourish there!!!
Kate Anderson Passin
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Tom Barker Happy New Year to you and Warren from YAP. Still hoping I can make time to visit Fiji?? All the best. Has it really been a year?? Irie
Meagan Kearney I thought you were going home for a visit for a minute:)
Cyndee Young Crook Good times at the airport with brand new friends!
Ana Coman Tanasa May you have a Happy New Year and may God bless you and your family!
Nancy Mullins Wow, cannot believe it has been a year. What a year for you too! So proud of you guys and can't wait to get over there! Happy New Year!
Kate Anderson Passin
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