Girls' Weekend of a different kind

This weekend was a girls' getaway for me, not the kind that I'm used to where I get away from the family with best girlfriends to escape all responsibility and connect with friends, usually with drinks involved.  This weekend was a family girls' weekend, and just as lovely in different ways.   Andie, ZoĆ« and I went away with all of our Fiji besties - Tahli, Lainie, and Wendy.  Our two (partial) families went out west to the Doubletree for a weekend of connecting, relaxing, eating, dancing, singing, water sliding, and playing.  It was LOVELY.    I write about it now, feeling a little bit sad, because it is over.  Knowing it's over means that it is closer to when they are leaving for good.  I keep trying to have a positive attitude about it all, trying to focus on the positive piece - "We feel sad because the friendships are so real.  I should just feel grateful for those lifelong friendships."  And....I do, most of the time, but sometimes the grief pops in a little bit too.

Most of the weekend is best told in pictures.....but a few highlights include-
- the girls swimming into the night through the glorious sunset both nights
- the girls dancing with reckless abandon for hours to the band, entertaining all that were there.
-amazing breakfast buffet meals
- yummy coconut crab
- sitting on the veranda with Wendy to take a respite from the sun, laughing over a bottle of bubbles and hours of good conversation
-BIG BULA waterpark - the kids had an ABSOLUTE blast!
-all of us staying up too late not able to stop talking once we got into our beds
- Andie getting on stage, TWO different times.  The first time she sang a song she made up on the spot.  It was brilliant.  The next time she sang Lainie's goodbye song.  When she got on stage she was like a little grownup.  She said, "Do any of you have a best friend?  Well, I do and she's here tonight.  Soon she is moving, so I wrote her this song.  So, ya.... I'm just gonna sing it now...." and then she belted it out with such confidence, such passion.....  I got the chills.

So's the pics.

these two....

spear fishing at Eco-Cafe

everyone sat at their own table.  so grown up. 

kite fying

photo shoot #1

girls waking up in morning....a little early!

carrot juice shooter

selfie photo shoot #2

big bula