What a weekend!

What a weekend!   On Thursday Andie and Zoe had a dress rehearsal for their big dance show on Friday night.  At school they also had their big Halloween party.  They had to make a choice between the dress rehearsal and the huge Halloween party where they get loads of candy.  It was so hard, but we all ended up choosing the rehearsal.   I am so proud of them for not whining about it and understanding the importance of prepping for their big performance.  It was a tough decision.  

This dance performance was no joke!  There were 5 costume changes for their 5 dance routines which meant pulling together 10 costumes for me.  Talk about pressure!  I wanted to make sure every detail was covered!   Also, they've been practicing three times a week for the past 10 weeks and choreographed their own solos.   I really think I am not cut out to be a dance mom.  All of the little details and costumes and routines and make-up stressed me out!  I had dance dreams.   That's just crazy.   

It all paid off Friday night as they had an incredible performance - danced their hearts out and got every costume on for each performance despite chaos.  The videos are below (for grandparents) and a few pictures too.    Also included are pictures from Diwali celebration at school and a ladies Diwali lunch.  

trying on all of the outfits at home before the show!

before the show began

before the show.  Wow! the makeup!


practicing island dance at home

island dance

Rio/Zoe's solo



I'm in love with a Monster.  

This was Andie's duet and it turned out so blurry.  It's hard to see.  She worked SO hard on it though, I just had to include it.   

The moms danced too!  They did such an awesome job!

I don't know why this picture makes me smile!

ladies Diwali luncheon

mother and daughter- beautiful!

all ready for Diwali with their henna and Indian clothing

When we got home from the dance performance we pulled right up to fireworks from our neighbor's Diwali party.   This week my neighbor invited me over for tea and to try on some Indian clothing for their party.  It was like a fun fashion show!   When I saw that their party was still going on, we were so relieved to still be able to attend!  We rushed inside and changed from dance clothes to Diwali clothes and headed over for delicious Diwali food, drinks, and fireworks.   I LOVE that we get to experience this part of the Indian/Fijian culture.    Such a gorgeous holiday.  The lights, the food, the stunning clothes.....all so beautiful.   I only got one picture there of our neighbor and Zoe (Thanks Mayuri for sharing).   We got home at almost 11 and everyone just crashed into bed after such an eventful day.  

Zoe and Khushi

picture taken by Andie late at night

neighbor's house decorated for Diwali

We had planned on doing a nature walk with Nature Fiji Saturday morning, but everyone was too exhausted to make the trip.   Instead, we had a very lazy morning/day until we went out for a family dinner last night to celebrate my 41st birthday.   We went to Daikoku, our favorite Japanese place followed by yummy snow at Snowy House.  It was a great family evening.  

shrimp in flames!

red bean snow.  delicious!

snowy house bday pic

This morning I woke up early and did a long run, which has become sort of the tradition for my birthday.  I LOVE the way it starts my day! Then I came home to the most yummy breakfast prepared by Warren.  He made poached eggs, a baguette, and the best chicken liver pate.   It was DELICIOUS! Later I went to lunch, and had the most relaxed afternoon.   We had a few friends over for apps and then went to dinner.    It was actually a pretty perfect day.  

Today is Halloween here.  Yes, Fijians don't celebrate Halloween but that doesn't stop the one street of expats that do!   We are headed to a friend's house tonight to set up and trick or treat there.  Pictures soon!   Happy Halloween everybody!
Brekkie may not look pretty but it was delicious!