Go Fiji GO....Toso Viti Toso! (and other things)

I wrote this last week and finally just getting pics in.....

It's been too long since I wrote.   I don't want to get so behind on writing that I leave out some details (as this is pretty much my journal of our time here and I imagine myself or the girls one day looking back at all of these blog entries and fondly remembering the details..).  The most obvious and HUGE thing to write about is Fiji wining their first Olympic gold!!!!!!!!!!!!   The Fiji sevens rugby team won the a GOLD medal last Friday.     The country is going wild!   There are so many incredible things about this.  I watched the game at school/work.  I cannot imagine a better place to watch.  The kids were out of their minds excited.   There were flags everywhere amidst the HUGE amount of support. Teachers and children at ISS are from all over the world, but on Friday they were all proud Fijians, united in support for their team!  The match was a blow-out.   That team is AMAZING!  They are truly the world's best, and not just by a little bit or a lucky game.  They are so skilled.  But even better than their skills, is their humility, their teamwork, and the very essence of Fijian culture that embodies all of them.  This says it all way better than I could... (Andy Merrick wrote it)

This, for me, is the best moment of the entire Olympics so far! And I've watched non-stop Olympics this past week. The Fiji Sevens Men's Rugby team won their country's first ever gold medal and they sang in perfect harmony about it. It was rugby's re-introduction to the Olympics, having last been featured in Paris' 1924 Games. After their 43-7 win over Great Britain, tears in many of their eyes, they huddled together and sang this in both English and Fijian:
We have overcome
We have overcome
By the blood of the Lamb
And the Word of the Lord
We have overcome.
Forget all the negativity of politics and the awful violence and sadness we see so much of today. Why are so many people always so angry? I'm over all of it. We need more people like these Fijians! After this singing came the podium and, with great honor and humility, these men did something I've never seen. Every single one bowed to both knees to receive their medals. It was too beautiful! They were all class! Rugby is a tough game played by gentle people. Their play was unmatched but this singing... what an unexpectedly awesome moment of transcendence! Someday, I hope to sing with all of them in person! Huge congrats to Fiji Rugby and all Fijians everywhere!!!

I'd also like to add how awesome it was to watch them share the podium and hop down from the podium for their final picture.  Also, the team was not afraid to cry openly, dance, or sing.   Beautiful displays of masculinity.  I LOVED it!  Just so happy to have witnessed it all here in Fiji.   Check out my viewing party!

Also, check out how excited (and the amount of pressure) the boys had before they left!  

This country is SOOOO pumped about this win.  We actually have a national holiday on Monday just as a result of the win!  This team is full of normal guys who have regular jobs and some of them are even homeless after cyclone Winston and they are coming home as HEROES.    I am so frikin' excited for them!   I heard that in the interviews post Olympics, reporters were asking what they are most excited about now that their part of the Olympics was over and they said,"McDonalds!"   So funny.    Love it!    By the way, the coach, Ben Ryan is truly a national hero now.   

Another fun thing that happened last week.... me and a few other US American moms did a presentation for Zoe's class about the good old USA.   We read lots of books, colored flags, played t-ball, and had a parade with the national anthem blaring in the background.  It was  a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  It was nice to sit down and actually think about being an American and what that means to me. The kids had fun too.  I am still awaiting pictures from this event but cannot wait any longer to publish this particular entry so I'll add pics asap! 

And....Mere's here!  We are all excited!!