Olympics and Fun Day

As everyone knows, the Olympics are everywhere right now! It's so amazing!!!!   BUT.....  they are not on in our  house, much to my dismay.  Well, that's not 100% accurate, we have sort of been able to see some of it.... but we cannot watch it the way I want to.... non-stop in the background, with special interest stories about all of the best athletes.  We don't have a tv.  We have one, but no channels.  We typically just stream things from our computer, which has NEVER been a problem until now.  I have tried streaming through nbcolympics.com and BBC (which is weird for me because it focuses on all of the British athletes) but everything is SOOOO slow.  It pauses a million times.  I am definitely not watching things real time, so I already know who wins....but it's PAINFUL to get through one event with how many times the video stops or just goes out completely.    Today, it was a little bit better than yesterday, but again...just watching clips...nothing continuously.   Andie and Zoe are really into gymnastics and swimming for themselves, so I would just love for them to get excited watching those events in Rio, but it's not really happening.   At first they were so excited that all screen time rules were out the window, but now they are just getting frustrated with the jumpy clips.  I know in the grand scheme of life, this is small....but I'm pretty devastated about it.   Tomorrow I am going to buy rabbit ears so we can at least watch Fiji's one channel and see some coverage.

One amazing part about watching the Olympics here is the excitement over the Fiji athletes.   The Fiji rugby team is playing and they are doing well.  Check out this article!   SOOOO cool!  Today school paused so we could all watch Fiji compete against Argentina in the Rugby 7's.   The energy in the school was AMAZING...  all these kids from different countries just routing hard core for Fiji.  It was pretty incredible!   Check it out...  ISS cheers on Fiji   and here.

One other thing, last Saturday was Fun Day where all the fundraising is done for the school in one day.  The American stall sold it's usual smoked brisket and corn bread salad.  Warren stayed up all night the night before the sale smoking the meat (along with Christian who did a ton of the work).  It was delicious!!!!   The kids had a total blast.  I took no pictures, but stole these from Diane's facebook page.  Also, you can read all about how easy it is to do such a massive fundraiser in one day on my friend Diane's blog here.

And, I've got to add this.  Peace Corps Fiji rocks!   Love love love this video!  The volunteers put this together...