Week in pictures

It has been a good week best captured in pictures.

Happy Easter!  The embassy and American Women's Association held it's annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  The kids loved it despite the crazy heat.

chocolate face!
confetti eggs
Golden egg!
The hunt is on!
Kids ready to go!
Andie performed at morning assembly along with the rest of her class.  Love the music component of this school!
Ok, well this really happened last week, but Warren's new country director started at Peace Corps Fiji two weeks ago!  The welcome ceremony was beautiful as always!

Lots of birthday parties lately.   Awesome face painting at this one!
Maybe it was good the eye makeup was bothering her....it may have her hold off on makeup for a bit.
This was the view outside of my window last night while I was doing this......

Nit picking!   By the way,....this is the perfect nit picking comb.  Nit free comb - the terminator.  Best there is..

Morning boot camp at the track(s).   It was awesome to do some sprints this morning but crazy crazy hot.

Andie quite proud of her Georgia Made shirt from the Drydens.   Mufti day at school today and she chose this.

I've been staying up way too late this week reading this....  good, albeit heavy, book.

Not pictured,...but also a part of the week- lovely happy hour with Allegra and Neeta, coffee with Tricia, two busy days at work, seven hour, fun, non-stop shopping tour of Suva with new country director, 15k long run on Sunday, awesome date night with hubby, power outage in the heat, child with raging ear infection who couldn't sleep, binge watching Nurse Jackie, and family dinner at the Holiday Inn looking out at the ocean.

Lastly, we have an Indian wedding to attend tonight. I am so excited and a bit nervous. I have no idea what to really wear. I asked a friend and she said that I could borrow any one of the following dresses.  Tonight is not really the wedding.  It's more of a pre-party (I guess) and the actual ceremony is on Saturday.... (but we cannot go).   The dresses are all so elegant and beautiful.  The girls and I had so much fun with a little fashion show last night.   They love to see me all fancy! (The dresses were fancy anyway,...I had just come home from a long day of work with very little sleep the night before due to aforementioned ear infection and book...so I look a bit disheveled....)  Anyway, is this what I should wear tonight?  Hope so because they are all I have!   I'll take more pictures later when we are all dressed up.  Have a great Easter weekend everyone!