Last day and transition home

It has been a long week full of joyful reunions, painful transitions, sleeplessness, jet-lag, dance rehearsals and performances, and school/work!   I am thankful for the weekend that has just arrived!   On our last day in NoVa, I went on a run with Kate (nice to do before sitting for hours and hours on a plane) and then she took the kids to an Easter egg hunt.   They also performed a creative play for us, we visited Target, and Andie and Anne got hair cuts!  What a productive last day in the USA!   It was so hard to say goodbye (once again) and I had to remind myself why we love Fiji and our lives here to help make the distance seem ok.   Again,  I'm amazed at the chemistry between the cousins - it's really so good.   

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go....

Easter egg hunt!

Aunt Kate and cousin Anne



pampered at the hair cuttery

new hairdos!!!

What pretty hair from the back too!

Goodbyes are hard

Colin made this for Andie

The flight back was less than ideal.  For some reason, this time it was REALLY tough for me.  The last two times felt easier.   Actually, the flight from DC to LA was pretty awesome as we all had our own movie screens!   That was a MAJOR plus!   But, LA airport was hard.  Zoe was falling apart, melting down before our eyes as we tried to transition from one gate to the next.  In her mind, it was past midnight coupled with many late night cousin sleepovers.   She just needs her sleep, as opposed to Andie who just keeps on going -delirious and all! Once we hit our gate, Zoe zonked out within 30 seconds.    The plane from LA to Fiji pretty much sucked too.   Andie maybe slept for 2 hours so she was a walking zombie when it was all said and done.    I wanted to sleep so badly I almost cried, but for whatever reason, it didn't really happen.    Oh well- we got home safely and that's really all that matters I guess!  

Posing in the airport

grumpy at the airport

laying down in frustration that we cannot find our gate


It felt great to finally get home!  It was awesome to see Warren after all that time away.   He's such a great dad and husband.    Very grateful for him....   He spoiled us rotten the second we walked in the door.   We got through the day and all hit our pillows by 8pm - exhausted and happy.  They both woke up at 3AM, jet-lagged and wide awake.   I returned to work the next day, followed by a late dress rehearsal for Andie's dance performance the next night.   The next morning Zoe woke up at 3:30 am, WIDE awake, once again.   After their first day back at school, we went straight to Andie's dance performance, which turned out to be a HUGE success!  It's so awesome to watch my baby perform.  She glows on stage!    (Videos included for grandparents)


Happy to be with Daddy

Girls spoiled us with treats by the pool

All dressed up for dance! So pretty!  Thank you Nida for being my lifesaver in getting the girls ready!

This morning both girls got recognized for swimming their little tails off in swim carnival a few weeks ago!  Both girls placed first and second in their events!  Woohoo- proud mama!   After assembly, I stopped by the hospital to donate some blood to a friend in need.   Even if she ends up not needing my blood, apparently the hospital is WAY short on blood.  People are dying just as a result of no blood.   I MUST donate blood more regularly.   What takes me 30 minutes saves others' lives.   New habit- donate regularly.   MUST do.    

Friends happy with their ribbons!