Update (kind of) on Dad

We got news from the surgeon yesterday.  It's not really news....just inconclusive news....   Doctors have to talk to doctors to figure out next steps.   I am still not worried.   We definitely didn't get bad news.... and it may even be good news!  I truly believe Dad will be ok. Here's the recap in his words.

Bev and I visited this afternoon with the surgeon.
He seemed to have trouble seeing anything alarming on the disk of the cat scan and wants to visit with the oncologist and the radiologist who had seen the new spot.  His initial reaction was that nothing needed to happen.  He thought the next action, if any, would be to do a colonoscopy exam to determine if there were new problems that could be seen from the inside of the intestine. 
He also thought that if, after further consultation with the radiologist and all the other professionals, there was no alarming new data, and then we should wait until some sort of symptom materializes.  If scar tissue began to cause problems with the digestive process, then surgery would be able to correct it. 
So, for now, nothing is going to happen until the appropriate doctors confer with each other.  Perhaps it means a decision by committee?  
Within a couple of weeks we will be able to agree that nothing needs to happen right now, or agree that exploratory surgery would only be appropriate if the results of a colonoscopy called for it.
It all seems like good news to me.  We will remain vigilant and will take whatever steps we are guided by the professionals to take.  No one is suggesting that I have an imminent need to take any hurried preemptive action.   I choose to conclude that the mysterious new spot is probably scar tissue and may never cause a problem, but if it does – it can be handled.  I also have renewed confidence that my medical team is alert and doing their job.
Please do not use this new information as justification to cease your contribution of prayers and good thoughts.  I like it that those things are happening and will benefit from their continuation.
As the folks in the old Bartle and James commercial used to say, “Thank you for your support!”