Second week of holidays- bike riding and Holly

The last week of holidays seemed to drag on more so than the first.   We still had a nice time relaxing at home and just being together.  Here are a few pics of the week.

Went for several runs along the sea wall

running scenes

Lots and lots of Sleeping Queens
Loads of cuddles

Photo ops at dance practice - LOTS of dance practice

Family Dance parties

Wonderful hike up Mt. Koro

picked up two full bags of trash on the way.   Ugh.

Spent some time biking at friends' house and Andie spent some quality time with the chickens (and saved one from neighborhood dog!)

Dinner at a friend's house.  Love that view. 

night swimming

We spent a long time trying to get Zoë to learn to ride her bike.  She's getting there.  Yes, she's seven and still doesn't know.  If we lived in Atlanta, she'd definitely have learned by now, but the places to ride here are few and far between.   I am determined that she will learn by the end of this week.  She's just so scared of falling.    She was a trooper though! Pushing through with tears rolling down her face at the frustration of it all - but quietly determined. 

Nic really helped out!  She's getting close!

Fierce kiddos

Holly.  We've had Holly for nearly a year now.  We love her.  She's the sweetest old gal.   She doesn't have great control of her bowels anymore and her back legs are weak, but she's still got a hearty appetite and still wags her tail regularly.   She's slowing down though.  She's got a huge lump and the doctors think its a tumor.   She's 15.  She's too old to do anything about the tumor, but I don't know that she's ready to be put down.  I don't know the best policy.  Right now, we just watch and wait.  If she stops eating or if she stops wagging, we will make a difficult decision.  It's so hard to know what's right here.     Sweet sweet girl.

the tumor can be seen here....

Change of subject- this beautiful lady has changed our lives!

play dates and sleepovers for the holidy

sushi train!

Andie is so into graphic novels.  We cannot even get off the embassy compound before she's opened her mail and reading right away!


dress rehearsal.  Andie and Josie.   

dance practice