First week of holidays

I've been out of touch for a while.  Sorry about that.  We are on school holidays so the days have been packed with kid stuff...and Mere is in town! Everyone is super happy to sleep in a bit, play in the pool EVERY day- probably three times a day  (it's 8:30 am and the kids have been in the pool already for an hour), have lots of play dates....and just enjoy summer.  It feels funny to be listening to Christmas music all at the same time.  

As I mentioned on Facebook, it's been interesting living in a different culture that doesn't know Elf on the Shelf.  Everyone touches Circle and then the girls cry and worry all night that Circle lost his power.  Thankfully, he always recovers his power - since the touching is done by someone who doesn't know the rules or accidental.  He left a message for the girls who've been arguing a bit.  See pic below! It actually worked!  

Also, the girls have learned to scramble and fry their own eggs.  They were so proud of themselves.  (I am there the whole time).  And....they even went into the store by themselves and got some cream for me.  I waited outside, but they did all of it by themselves! They came running out of the store with HUGE tickled they did it alone.  Now they want to walk to the store or take a cab alone....but I'm not ready for that one yet.

Five days until our friends get here!!!  Yay!!!  Not long until Christmas!  Will try to post more....

Daikoku dinner- yum

Did the girls' annual Christmas cookie decorating "party"- felt funny to do it outside in the heat!  (listening to Christmas music of course!)