Passin Time

On Christmas Day we drove up to Falls Church to spend the rest of the holiday with the Passin side of the family.   Within minutes of us getting there we were immediately opening up Christmas gifts all at once.  I love how our families do it so differently.  At the Anderson household, one person puts on a Santa hat and delivers gifts individually to each person.   We each take turns opening our presents while the rest of the family watches.    At the Passin house we just go nuts and after 10-15 minutes it's all done.   The kids love both ways.   I love that they experience both.   One day they can decide what they want to do with their own families.    

After a few hours of play, we ate a delicious Christmas dinner (crab-cakes and ice cream pie - among other things)   We ended the night with a long game of Mexican Train dominoes.    Good family time.  

poop headbands

one of the many performances of the evening

The next day we took the kids to Chucky Cheese and then they went on a long walk outside, in the cold. 

Score!  My kids LOVE chucky cheese

Warren loved this game, just like his dad used to love it...

The following day we all went bowling.  We saw a group of dads and toddlers there at 10 am.  By 10:30 am they already had a pitcher of beer.  Lol.   As I remembered, I am not very good at bowling! That day the Beacham family crew came over.  It was so great to spend time with family.  I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures!  That night Kate and I saw Pitch Perfect 3 - cute but kind of a stretch.    Good movie theater though!

On Thursday we went into the city to go to the Air and Space Musuem.  It was SOOOO cold.  We had to wait outside for an hour and 20 minutes to get in and I don't remember ever being that cold, except maybe once in 8th grade while sledding.  I truly wanted to cry my toes and fingers were so cold.  It was fun though to take the metro and to walk around DC.  That night I met up with my old college roomies.  It was so awesome to see Yael, Kara, and Virginia again.  I stayed out WAY TOO LATE (until last call) just sitting at the bar talking and talking and talking.    It was a great night.  

On Friday, Kate and Fred took the kids to see a movie and to play all day.  It was awesome to just get stuff done around the house and sleep in after my late night.   That evening all of the cousins came over!  It was awesome to see everyone and watch the kids play so well together.   Having all of that family time really made me miss family time even more.

The next morning we woke up early to drive down to the bay for New Years.  We awoke to snow!   It was just a dusting, but so beautiful!   What a great week with family.  

This cracks me up!

Andie in awe of the snow

a fox right outside the house!

snuggle time