Back in the swing of things....

We've gotten back into the groove of things this week.   Warren and I are back to work, the kids are in their third day of school and we've resumed normal activities.  The only remnants of our trip is our pale skin and the way I keep turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turning signal.   We've gone from one extreme temperature to the next, but I will not complain.    I'm appreciative of the warmth, even if I'm sweating 90% of the day.   

I'm even more appreciative of life here after the little vacay.   I love our view.  I love the school.  I love our house and just basically our lifestyle.   The kids have been nervous to start the school year, but all seem to be settling in ok.   This pic a day challenge thing I'm doing for 2018 has me taking a lot more daily regular pictures, so I'm getting some more aspects of everyday life.   

back to work team activity

spent 1.5 hours at the car wash when it was supposed to take 30 minutes.  My kids waited at pool for me....oops

out to lunch with colleagues

We (kinda) have an outdoor cat (Ginger) and her suitor 

My little bakers

Zoë has FINALLY learned to tie her shoes!

Had friends over for a meal on Saturday.  Lovely day

They then invited us out for a boat ride around Suva on Sunday.   I love to see Andie read!   

On Monday morning I joined Laura for a run (still out of shape though!).   This is Albert Park, where we meet

GPH- across the street, run meet up 

first day of school!  Years 2 and 4

run on Wednesday morning.  Never see Princess Road this empty

my running path

Wednesday on the way to school.  Love this sweet, growing girl.  

Playground before school begun
These three.....Aussie, American, Kiwi....all super cute!

cab ride home from school and gymnastics

dinner time

Zoё put on Warren's clothes and acted like her Daddy.  She's too funny

Walk up to my Thai massage place.  I think yesterday I had the best massage ever!!!

bubble tea with Z

swim team practice after school

Rugby team practicing too

Both the girls doing butterfly! Super impressed

pool time at the Aussie High Com for Australian Day

Happy Aussie Day!