New Years at Bavon!

We went to the bay for New Years Eve this year.  I was so glad to go because every time we go, we have the best time.  The kids run wild and the adults relax, cook, and laugh a lot!   My friends go to the bay all of the time (as the Versens are the most awesome hosts!) and I frequently miss out on the experiences.  It's nice to be home when an event is happening there.    There were so many of us that the Edwards and Passins actually stayed at the farm house 1/4 of a mile down the road from Susan's bay house.   It actually worked out perfectly as it was great to get some good time in with the Edwards as well.    Overall, the weekend is a blur.  It was too fast and lots of fun.    A quick summary:   freezing cold golf cart rides, lots and lots and lots of yummy food, cooking happening all of the time, music non-stop, dancing, laughing and more laughing, white elephant party, kids practicing incessantly for play and then performing said play with perfection, hydration plans, and a big celebration for the new year.   Thanks Susan and Steven once again for putting together such a great weekend with close friends!  

drive there

homemade pasta and salad- yum

lost tooth!

busy kitchen

the play

white elephant

more play

12:00 New Year

12:01.   So cute.