That's a wrap

Gosh, it's been two weeks since I've updated this little blog.   Life has felt busy and happy and full.   Home was great!   It was so much family time, relaxing time, sleeping in..... just being present with the kids, my parents, Warren's family, my friends....    It was exactly what we needed.    Luckily (for us) there were lots of snow days so the cousins and my friends' kids (like family too) all had a lot of days off of school - which equated to more play time!   

I got to spend a nice evening out with the girls who I grew up with.   It's so fun to be with them and walk down memory lane.  We all grew up on the same street and basically lived at each other's homes.   They know more about me, my roots then so many other people do in this world.  My friends now know me now.....but there is something special about people knowing and understanding your upbringing.   Just being together brings up all of the memories!   

Speaking of memories, my Dad pulled out the old slides and we spent nearly two hours going through memories in an old slide show.   We saw pictures of my parents getting married,  my brother and I when we were little, all of our old stomping grounds.  It was fun...and again gave me that rooted feeling.   I think the kids liked it too.   

I noticed while I was in the States how full of consumerism it is.  I fell right back into it too.  I wanted to buy more stuff the longer we were there.  In Fiji, I rarely crave "things" but there I really felt like I wanted more I needed them!  I also found myself taking cues from others regarding winter fashion, etc.    It's funny how it's so easy to slide back into your old life.  Saying that, I was also pretty aware of how much STUFF everyone has and how it's just so extremely excessive.    As soon as I got home, I purged bags and bags of things here and I still feel like we have too much - more purging to go for sure.   Some things are critical and make you feel like you are home- which is needed when you are far away.   Framed pictures, photo albums, a few prized possessions....but a lot of it is just excessive.  

While home we went to Carla's funeral as well.   Carla is Warren's aunt, his dad's sister.  She was an amazing force of life - so fun, engaging, the life of the party!   We will all miss her dearly.  

Our flight back was really good- the best yet!  We all slept!    It was actually pretty easy this time.    When we landed, the kids said many times how happy they were to be home.   

Within hours of landing, sweet, insightful Andie said, "The United States is so much more trendy and cool than Fiji.  It's also a lot busier.   Fiji is more broken down, but it's much more peaceful."   She's right.  Home in Fiji feels good.    

Since we've been back, every Fijian I know has told me how fat I've gotten.  They are right. I gained a lot of weight at home - but I'm ok with it!   I've never before been ok with my weight gain, but for the first time, I'm embracing those curves!  I kinda like them.....  But, I will start exercising and eating right again.  While I am ok with the weight gain, I don't want it to be forever!   

We've also both gone back to work and the girls start school next week.  Back to life as usual!  

First root beer floats.  So American!

Third trampoline park in one week!

Lots of snuggles with Bebe

Ice cold Fiji water!   Weird to think this came all the way from Fiji....

Walk to Sweet Frogs on a snow day

The RVA crew

Someone looks cute in her winter gear!

I can't figure out how to turn this old photo of my mom, dad, and Adam
Bonnie curled the girls hair in a Mexican restaurant to fulfill a promise made earlier! Love it!

Bowling with this crew!

Love these three

curled hair!!!!

Isn't it amazing what new shoelaces can do to spruce up an old shoe?!

new headband!

Lullington ladies

Spent a lot of time in the Apple store waiting to get battery changed

We had a fun sleepover at the Horniks.  Never mind that we spent a little while in the bathroom due to a tornado warning!

Celebrating Aunt Carla

Walk down memory lane- slide show

Chapter 1 of Mom and Dad

Mom's old roomies

our old trampoline- so much fun on this thing!

Old photo of me and Amy 1994
Goodbye for now!  See you soon!

Cousin pile of love

The kids put on a final performance for us before our flight home....

long flight home

Hard to see but the building behind us says, "Welcome Home." 

first taste of home

Avoiding the jet lag by jumping in the cold pool!  3,....




Passing the time inside....SO hot outside!   

Family dinner

Tired girls

Jeli "bula'ed" the house for us