More Family/Friend time

I can hardly believe we are still on vacation.   It feels like we've been gone from Fiji forever!  We have been gone since December 2!  This may be the longest I've ever been away from home, with the exception of my cross country trip post college.   We've had  lot of quality family time in Richmond and Falls Church.  Fiji feels far away.  Both Warren and I have gained nearly 15 pounds each!  We've eaten soooo much!   I am looking forward to exercising again!  It's SOOOOO cold here! I mean, SOOOO cold!  Not just like this Fiji girl is cold, but cold for everyone.   The high today was 17.   I cannot run in that cold, nor can I run on ice.  School was cancelled in Falls Church and is cancelled here in RVA tomorrow due to the snow and ice.   It kind of works out for us because then the girls can hang out with their cousins and their friends.    It feels like a vacay for everyone!   

The week has included dinners with friends and family, two trampoline parks, ice skating, play dates, and sleepovers.   See pics below...

These two

trampoline park

Hot cocoa needed for this weather!

Hot soup too!

Amma helping with sticker book

Admiring the snow from inside

Andie helped shovel the driveway for Amma

trampoline park #2 - they have to exercise somewhow

Andie and Zoe got so much better at ice skating by the end of the hour!

Frozen yogurt in frozen weather

sweet cousins

dinner out at Lebanese Taverna

Family photo

saying bye to Daddy for the week - will see him again in San Fran

out with the girls for the night.....

Today the girls and PapPap put together a quarter map.  The girls learned about each state and American money.   They definitely needed lessons on both!  

both of my parents are sick so we spent some time at the Versen's home today.  Loved just sitting at their island watching them do their thing....