Last Day at ISS, SICK, friends

Wrote this nearly two weeks ago and since then life has been so beautifully crazy that I haven't had a moment to sit down and type again.    Working on that....

Friday was the last day at ISS.   It was brutal in every possible way.   I was really tired - physically and emotionally.  I felt sad and lonely in that sadness.  I was (an am) so distressed to be saying bye not only to the people but everything that ISS has been.   I feel my children have been raised there and because of that they are turning into wonderful human beings.  

Last Day at ISS - Years 2 and 4

First Day at ISS - Years ECHD (Preschool) and Year 1


Also, last week I was doing box jumps at cross-fit and banged my shin.  It hurt like hell.  It still hurts!

I was SO sick on Friday with got worried so they made me cards.   
When I was sick I missed my long run planned for months with friends and missed a long planned boat adventure with other friends.  I was SO sad to miss these events.  I was very phsyically ill and just incredibly sad at the same time - it wasn't a good combo.    After two days, I felt a lot better and we re-did the boat adventure.   

We saw a turtle while on the boat!

We've had LOADS of playdates over the last several days - many goodbyes as so many people are going on holiday during the school break.    I think I cried harder saying goodbye to Fana than anyone so far.  It's weird when the emotions hit you like that - all off and at the most surprising times. 

First playdate

Last playdate for a long time

Goodbye Farah!

After this we had more sleepovers and playdates and farewells but the pictures all got lost on my phone as it was damaged with water.    Will pick up next blog with the Drydens arrival and Leleuvia weekend.