10 years

Ten years ago, yesterday (or today depending on where you are reading this) on October 22, 2005 Warren and I got married.   It feels like just yesterday at times and other times it feels like a life time ago.  One consistent feeling is how fortunate I am to have him as my husband.   I cannot image this life with anyone else.  His values, his sense of humor, his dedication and devotion; his easy -going style and adventurous spirit are all exactly what I need in my life.  It's not to say that marriage isn't hard work...because it definitely isn't all easy breezy...  but I am glad I'm working on it with him.

Yesterday I woke up to an awesome photo book present while listening to a fun love song mix he made.  He is still romantic after all this time!  The book made me beam from ear to ear...just like I did on the day we married.  I wrote him a letter, similar to the ones I write the kids each year.   After I wrote the letter, I was so excited about him and forgot about all the little things that get on my nerves.  I can definitely say writing a "love letter" to your spouse is an awesome way to rejuvenate things....to again truly appreciate the person you married.   Even when I just sat down to write a list of all the reasons I love him...I wanted him home right then so I could give him a huge hug.

I know this all sounds so cheesy.  I am cheesy and sentimental.... and I don't apologize for it!  Get a glass of wine in me...and it only gets worse!

Anyway, Happy 10 years Warren!  I am looking forward to many many more.   I LOVE YOU!