Fiji Day school production

I just looked at our counter and thought, "How Fijian."  We have pineapples, mangoes, bananas, coconuts, and eggs that sit on the counter instead of in the fridge.   Pretty cool to notice your produce has everything to do with wear you are located!  

Speaking of all things Fijian, the girls just had Fiji day assembly at their school last Friday.   It was again one of those moments where I found myself tearing up because I was so happy that my children get to fully experience a culture outside of their own.  The assembly was amazing.   Everyone (teachers, staff, parents) were dressed in bula attire to celebrate Fiji.   The performance was packed with Fijian songs and dance from start to finish... all performed by the students.   Andie was in the opening act dancing to Jai Ho, an Indian song (40% of Fiji's population is Indo-Fijian).  She and her friends did a phenomenal  job and looked so beautiful!   The mood of everyone there was celebratory and upbeat.  You couldn't help but smile being a part of it all.    

before performance

Order of performance.    Sorry it's sideways...   

Andie enthralled with it all...

Secondary boys as warriors

Fabulous Year 1 teachers

Zoe surrounded in a sea of bula wear