Kids are back to school!

The kids are back to school today after a fun two week holiday.  It has been difficult to write as we have been quite busy just hanging around Suva.    Also, it's impossible to spend any time at a computer with two little ones requesting something from you every 5 minutes.

Overall, the break was great.  It started with the weekend at Leleuvia and then was filled with play dates, birthday parties, Zumba dance classes for the girls and I, bike riding, and pool play....mixed in with nagging to get the holiday homework done.  Zumba was new for both me and the girls,  While I have no idea what I am doing, I do know that I am smiling and sweating throughout the whole workout so that makes it worth it!  The $5 (Fijian) per class is worth it just to watch the instructor dance.  She is amazing!!!

The holiday ended yesterday with a bit of drama.  Zoë accidentally slammed my finger in a heavy door.  My finger pad is sliced.  There was a lot of blood and screaming (from me).   I immediately put it under water and then freaked out while holding a wash cloth to it.   My housekeeper was telling me to put cayenne pepper on it to stop the bleeding and I just kept pacing and screaming.  I think I was in a bit of shock.   Finally, I pulled it together enough to walk out and catch a cab to the hospital.  Poor taxi driver had a sobbing woman in he front seat the whole way.  Warren met me at the hospital and eventually the pain lessened a bit.  They x-rayed it (not broken), cleaned it up (ouch), put the glue type bandaid on it, wrapped it and sent me on my way.  I feel like a bit of a baby about it, but it REALLY hurt and still is throbbing a bit.  I cannot imagine living in chronic pain because I am a total wimp.  Now, my mission is to keep it un-infected.    Wish me luck.  Oh, by the way, that whole 2 hour emergency room visit only cost us $50 USD (which insurance will reimburse us for).  Wonder what that visit would cost in the states??

Here are few pictures of the holidays...

Lots of play dates where I tried to perfect the green smoothie

Andie took this picture of Litiana, Zumba teacher

Green smoothie mustaches!

Diving lessons

Finally no rain so we could ride bikes!

Filled my Fiji water bottle with coconut water.  Yum.

First day of sun in weeks

Day 2 of sun!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Lots and lots of silly family time at home
Turns out I am not the only one serving green smoothies!

1 of the 3 birthday parties in the last two weeks.  Fun times!