10 year anniversary trip

 As I mentioned before, Warren and I had our 10 year anniversary last Thursday so we went away for the weekend to Toberua Island Resort, a private, beautiful island not too far from Suva.  It was AMAZING!   It was just so good to get away just the two of us, sans children, friends, daily life.   We have been away together since the children were born (only a few times) but it has always been for a business trip or wedding or to visit friends.   This time it was all about us with no purpose except relaxing.  It was EXACTLY everything I dreamed it would be!!!  The location was perfect.  Toberua Island is a small island with beautiful scenery, good food, and really nice bures.   We ate, read, snorkeled, slept, talked, paddle boarded ....basically just relaxed.

It would not have been possible without our good friends, Wendy and Lach.  They watched the kids for us all weekend and even took them with them to Leluevia!  We all actually rode out on Lach's boat to the resorts on Saturday morning.  They dropped us off on their way to Leleuvia.  We had to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to catch high tide for a 4:30 a.m. departure.  Yes, it was early but it was so worth it.  The trip was stunning.  We rode through the ocean to the river system and back to the ocean again.   The sunrise was gorgeous.  It was a unique experience that I know I'll always remember and I hope the kids do too.

We got dropped off at Toberua just before 7 am, so we had two full days in paradise.   Ahh......    Who knew we'd spend our 10 year anniversary in Fiji?!

sunrise on ride there

full boat

Good morning river!  3:30 a.m. wake up definitely worth it!

Pulling up to Toberua!!!  This small island is where we spent the weekend.

Tahli and Zoë happy at Leluevia (pic from Wendy)

view from our bure at low tide

inside bure

Warren made friends with the parrot that greeted us daily

Reading nook

view from outdoor shower. (stepped out here at night and saw the MOST amazing starry sky)
See that little table?  That is where we ate many of our meals.  

Sunset happy hour location

taking a walk while Warren getting a massage (Warren's shoes)

more reading

lunch time

LOVE the paddle-board!

Warren took these pics from our room

sunset second night.  Love the sunbeams


our bure from walk out during low tide

island view from low tide walk

right before we got on boat to head back home