Love and Awards

Wow!   We are feeling sooooo loved right now.  I've always heard that the longer you are away from your home country, the less care packages, cards, love that you get from abroad.   My friends and family are proving that wrong.   On Tuesday we got THREE valentines packages in one day!!!  The girls repeatedly said, "This is the best day of my life!"  Thank you so much Kate, Fred, Anne, Colin, Mom, Dad, Shirean, Michael, and Reid!  You truly brightened our day, our week!  

Another way I've tried to shower some love on my family this Valentines month is by putting a heart on the girls' door and Warren's door stating one reason why I love them.  It's been awesome!  It's not too late if anyone wants to try - you could have a Valentines week!

Both girls received an award today for being awesome communicators.  So proud of them both!  Andie also performed in a play for the whole primary assembly.  She truly shines on stage!  It was a lovely morning.