Fruit, CPR, and dancing

It's been a slow week.  Warren was out of town all week so it was just the girls and me.   It actually flowed quite smoothly.  I guess as the girls have gotten older, things have gotten easier.  I've had all sorts of thoughts on our life here lately.....  I thought I'd blog all about it, but instead I'm sitting here half watching Gilmore Girls (I'm addicted) and need to get in the shower so I can go to a meeting of mostly American women here in Fiji who are feeling the need for solidarity and action given the current state of American politics.      In short - I'm in a hurry, feel guilty I haven't posted for a I'll just post some pictures of the week.  

The girls have been obsessed with our local fruit this week.   Yay for bananas, passion fruit, papayas and watermelon.   Nature's dessert!

They have also been into "Go Noodle," a great app that gets them dancing/moving or calming down before bed.  

I took a first aid/CPR course yesterday at school.  It was a long, hot Saturday but it was so informative!  I learned a lot.  After Warren performed CPR in church a few months ago, I've been very motivated to take a course.  It was really, really good.   

After the long day, we had a long night out with friends.   It was so fun! I always love to dance!  

We had a relaxing day at home today.    Dance parties and coconut drinking.   What more can we ask for?   Also, Mere is here!  She's going to be starting school at Ballentine Memorial School this week.  We are sooo excited for her!

Dance party!

sweet Holly was a part of our dance party too!