The week

This has been a slow week.   Warren has had to work a lot and the girls and I have been busy with school, homework, after school activities, and play-dates.  All in all - a fairly normal week in the Passin household - so be forewarned on the boring blog.   Still....I did snap a few photos this week and I'll share just to keep the grandparents updated!   

The girls had a play-date with two adorable sisters each in the same grade as my girls.   Hard to believe the "twins" above are the same age.  Zoe is so tall!

I wonder what they will find with their snorkel gear in the pool?  (Still so grateful for our pool.  It's used nearly every day!)

On Valentine's Day, Andie made some homemade muffins and Zoe made cards.  I think this is the first year they got really into doing things for others for the day instead of either ignoring the day completely, or expecting gifts.   I do love that here there is no pressure for valentines, parties, etc.  It just goes down as a normal day....except in our household we try to do a nice dinner together and express our love to each other a little bit more on that day.    Wendy, friend who just moved stateside) had quite a shock this week when she saw the commercialism and extreme gifting that takes place on Valentine's Day in the states.   (Not to say I don't appreciate taking a moment to let someone know you love them.....I just don't want to have to use pinterest to do it!)

Yesterday I had the MOST fun with the American Women's Association.   They organized a scavenger hunt around Suva, Amazing Race style.  My competitive nature definitely came into full force that day.  I love a scavenger hunt!  I always have!   It was SO MUCH FUN!   We raced all over Suva in 1.5 hours and took pictures everywhere.  In the end, we didn't win.....which is ok.  Really, it is.  I'm just so glad I did it.  What a fun thing to do mid-week.  

Here's my team before the race began. 

Picture with a man in uniform at the President's house


Old American Embassy (this took some research to find!)

Roc Market

Oriental Taste Restaurant

Bad Dog

Tiko's Steak House

Holding the Fiji Flag

Mannequins in a store display window


Spice Market

Bus Stop

Our favorite handicraft man at the market - Max

The Yacht Club (just before we lost)

We had to dance for 15 seconds in a food court as one of our challenges! Lol. 

I have to figure out how to do that again, with some new clues.   It would be fun to do a night version.  Maybe I need to try out for Amazing Race!   

This morning Andie performed in the morning assembly again.   She and her classmates educated everyone on children's rights.  She gets so much energy from being on stage.  So proud of her!