Toilet ettiquette

My mom loves bathrooms in foreign countries.  Our toilets are so different in the world.   I can see the fascination now.  The toilets in Asia were certainly different than what I'm used to!   Some of the toilets are squatting toilets, like in the picture below.  The first one I entered, I had to walk back out and ask Uli how to use it.  She explained that I should take off my shoes, use the bathroom shoes provided and just squat.    Ok..... I did it and it worked out fine.  (Asians must get great thigh muscles!)   It does feel sort of weird putting on the bathroom shoes though because I kept thinking, "Have other people accidentally peed on these shoes?"   Also, there was hardly ever toilet paper in the toilets in Thailand but all of them had a hose next to the toilet.    Instead of wiping, you spray.   I like the idea of the fresh, clean spray....but then you are wet.   I think a combo of spray and toilet paper may be best.....but those bathrooms were few and far between.   Anyway, it's an adventure in the bathrooms!

Squatter toilet.  Hose is hanging behind.

Another version of the squatting toilet with hose above.

Outside of bathroom.  People's shoes left behind for the bathroom shoes.

The bathroom shoes that I chose.
In Cambodia, they used pineapple in the men's urinals as air freshener.  Makes sense I guess.  


  1. Jealous of the bathroom shoes!!! Georgia had the first version of the squatty but never the shoes. It was also random when you would come upon one. Dinosaur footprint park in rural area....standard western toilet (surprise), nice restaurant in town...squatty (equally surprised)...

  2. Kate I had bidet (spray) installed in our bathrooms here in Fiji and of course ample supply of toilet papers too ��


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