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As soon as I get off the boat at Leleuvia, a wave of peace and relaxation washes over my body.  There is something magical about that place.   When we make reservations I'm always super annoyed because it is over-priced for the accommodation and the food, but when I get there.... I remember why I always come back.   It reminds me of why I love living here in Fiji.  I love that our kids run around un-witnessed, active from dawn to dusk.  I love the peace and serenity.  I love paddle-boarding and kayaking and swimming among the marine life.  I love playing bocce ball and watching the sunset with friends.  I love the moon shadows as we venture out on the sandbar in the middle of the South Pacific to bask in the moonlight.  It's not perfect, but it's close.   I am so thankful.

on the way over

Kids playing on dock while adults sit on beach watching sunset

Dab during sunset.  Happy kids.

Happy adults

writing the last blog entry while enjoying the scenery

snuck up on kids enjoying some snack

Paul and Liz

Discovery on our sea walk- turned into jungle trek

low tide

my little climber

couldn't get a proper full moon shot

one more try- I promise it wasn't blurry in person!

view of Leleuvia from our fishing spot

Didn't catch any fish but still happy

Staff caught and tagged a sea turtle. So cool to see.

back into the water

I had NO idea sea turtles could move so fast!  It flew!

enjoying final lunch before heading back to Suva

Got some shots of the bure to see if Kathleen and her family would enjoy vacationing here.  The simple bures are not for everyone.

Two co-captains for ride home

exhausted after non-stop play and late nights!