Week in pictures

It's been a normal week of life here.   Warren was out of town for a few days, I worked a few days, had a few play dates, did some grocery shopping/cooking.   I tried to take pictures of normal life to just get some snapshots of daily living.  I missed a lot but here's what I got.... Tomorrow is full of Easter hunts, tea parties, and birthday parties - so I'm sure I'll have more to add tomorrow.

Lots of pretty sunsets this week

Took Holly to the vet this week.  She's doing great for 14 years old!

Post swimming races

Happy Birthday Fardeen! 

I've noticed at a few birthday parties that everyone takes a bite of the same piece of cake before passing out individual pieces. 

Happy St. Patty's Day! Tricia rocked her green sparkly shoes from her junior prom!

Went to see Moonlight.  sooo good!  

Lots of lego play this week.  Andie just earned this small lego as a homework reward.  

3 hours a week of dance for Andie

Girls super pleased to run off and pick up the pizza for Mommy.

Big kids! Got the pizza all on their own!

Warren made these brats this week.  I only had a bite because I'm doing a biggest loser challenge at work.

On the way to the beach for the day.  Zoe and her blankie (stanky).  

beach girl

Nice way to spend a Sunday.  Only 45 minutes from our house. 

Love when I catch the girls having a sweet moment without my prompting!

Getting to read at the beach!  What's better?

Caught a pic of these cuties at recess.

these guys too

Staff meeting at work

another sunset

night swimming

homework with pizza

rainy drive to drop off Warren at work

Man in full blue suit and barefoot at grocery store.  Not weird at all for Fiji.  

Making pumpkin soup. 

French dinner with friends

Made brownies for school.  Couldn't resist!

Andie and her buddy at school.

I play LOTS of Jenga at school.  Each Jenga piece has a question on it. 

A great group of girls

The night before swim carnival.  Zoe wanted to practice at home.  She took this game face selfie.  

Leaving for the day for swim carnival.  Go KIWIS!!!

Ready for 100 back

Zoe ready for 50 breast

Post swim carnival.  Happy girls!

Let's celebrate at Snowy House!