I am working on a post to describe our incredible weekend, but in the meantime I've been wanting to post about year 5's exhibition project at the girls' school.   It was so awesome!  The exhibition is the culminating project for the year 5 students before they move to middle school.  I cannot even begin to explain or fully understand all that is involved in these projects, but I do know the students (and the teachers) put in LOADS of work into the project for 10 weeks straight.  There are checklists, timelines, interviews, surveys, community work, and much more.   The kids do all of the work themselves!  This year they all chose a them related to the major theme of helping our community.  All of the school, the parents, and many community members toured the booths asking the student experts to explain all that they've learned.  It was seriously impressive.   The kids were insanely knowledgeable about some really heavy, important topics.  Here are some pictures.  

Also, last week the students had student-led interviews.  Andie gave a presentation to us with cue cards and a power point for 20 minutes!  It was amazing.  It was all about her classroom and everything she has learned.  It was so cool.  We were incredibly proud and so happy she has learned this skill early on in life.   Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but here are some of the kids after the presentation.