Sports Day

Today was sports day for ISS.  The children are divided into four houses (Kiwi, Iguana, Eagles, and Kangaroos).    They competed against their age level for their individual houses.  We spent the day at the stadium while the kids competed in 100 meter races, high jump, discus, long jump, triple jump, 800 meter races, and shot put.   Coach Joe and the teachers pulled off an amazingly organized, super fun day full of athletics!   The weather was perfect and Andie even got first place in discus!   She came in dead last on the 800 meter race, but she didn't care at all because at least she ran it (most chose not to).  I was proud of her no matter what place she came in.   It was so much fun....and exhausting!  I worked at the triple jump station....  I tried it during a break...and's tough.  Way to go ISS students, staff, and parents!

Funny conversation with Andie as I was tucking her into bed tonight.  I was commenting on how proud I am of her for trying her best and for not complaining even when she didn't place.  She cracked me up when she told me, "Oh, I only had a good attitude because I knew I would place in the last event, discus."  Not sure how true that is....but, hey....  at least she had a good attitude all day.  I also commented that I was really proud of her for running the 800 meter race even though she knew how hard it would be.  She interrupted me and said, "No, I had no idea how hard it would be!  I don't know if I made a good choice!"  She was laughing when she said hopefully she'll give it a go again next year!

long jump

triple jump run

This could be a Coke ad.

high jump