Family Tradition

Well, it looks like this will be my final post on this particular blog.  I can't believe it.  I'm going to be moving onto another site that allows me to password protect the blog just to protect the family and the girls a bit more.  I am not a private person at all, but I definitely want to make sure the girls and our family and friends are not at risk by having all of their information out there.   If you are a reader of the blog and want me to send you the passport, please shoot me an email at so I can send you the password once I figure out a whole new site (if you haven't done so already).  I'm already halfway through my Mada first impressions and once I figure out the next spot for it I'll update immediately!

But, let's finish out our state trip first and foremost!   We ended our time in the States with one of my favorite Passin family traditions.   Every other year or so we go to Duck, NC.   I read recently that taking kids on the same vacations is actually really great for kids and I believe it.  It's that tradition and familiarity that helps them feel like life is safe and consistent and reliable....while at the same time pushing them to venture out and experience new things at other times of the year.  In short, I love that we do this trip.   The kids love it too.   

We spent a week in Duck with Warren's mom, sister, brother in law, and our niece and nephew.  As the kids are getting older, this trip is getting so much easier - less to haul on the beach and more freedom for the kiddos.  But, the kids still like us and are not embarrassed to be seen with us.  I reckon we are in the sweet spot right now.  I hope it stays like this for at least one more trip.  

We had an awesome week of wave riding, eating a TON of sweets, walking the board walk, burying kids in the sand, bike riding and more bike riding, shopping, Mexican train playing, and just simply being together.    It was just what we wanted!

It's also a bit of tradition to run down and play in the ocean in their clothes on the first night.

Ran into an old high school friend on the first day there

Fell in love with these seltzers while there

Yay! We got to celebrate Colin's 10th birthday with him at the beach!

Horse tour

The fence that divides North Carolina and Virginia

The horse tour was really fun!

Andie and I had some good bonding time together

Just can't believe how much she is maturing!

Went to see the air force band too.

lead singer

lots of swim time

Warren did a soda taste test between root beer, ginger beer, and cream soda.  Cream soda was the clear winner.

Played a lot of this and I actually won (which never happens!!)

date night with Warren and Anne.  Great night.

board walk run

clouds were crazy all week but we didn't get too much rain

Amma and the kids

Andie's creation of turtles and their nests

Went to watch sunrise over the ocean on our last day.  Who knows when I will see the ocean again?  😢

packing up

When we arrived back to DC we had 3.5 days before leaving for Mada.   It's so AMAZING that Wendy and family (we missed you Lach) drove for days to come and see us!  She was the perfect person to spend time with before leaving because well, she's Wendy and incredible and close and just easy to be with, but also because she gets this transient life more than anyone.  She understands the stress before a move and was happy to just be there and support us.   And....the kids.  These kids have such an awesome bond.  I love watching them together and really I just love her family.   Being with them is good for the soul. 

We did a lot of shopping, eating, and just hanging out.   My parents came up for the day to visit as well and to say our final goodbyes.   It was all just so good and sad, but good. Again just grateful for all that we have.   

Jeli gave all of us the beautiful sari's and purses.   Oh how we've all been shaped by you Jeli and miss you dearly!

Warren and Kate cokes!

little rest at REI

Target stop!

Spa day

lunch with parents

Happy Bebe and PapPap

Really hard to say goodbye

Another hard goodbye

And another 

and another

Off to our next adventure!!!!!

To be continued.....


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