Improv class

Today I did something totally out of the ordinary for me and I am glad I did.  I took an improv class.  I first thought against it, knowing I'd be a few minutes late, worrying that I'd probably just feel silly, and feeling like I should be doing something more productive with my picking up around the house or something boring like that.  But, a little voice inside pushed me to do it.  I've always been curious about improv and figured, "Hey, why not?"   I really try not to say no to opportunities here.  Anytime something new comes up, I try to say yes.   It can be exhausting at times, but also so rewarding!  A good friend of ours in Atlanta is very much into improv theater and he had suggested before that I would probably enjoy a class.  He was right!

It was so much fun!  From what I can tell, improv is about more than just acting.  There are some great life lessons mixed in as well.   Today I learned the value of just going for, saying yes and being open to whatever life brings us, being a good listener and reader of facial expressions, believing in one self, being clear in my communication, and most importantly....just having fun.