This is the first week it feels like there is not a lot to blog about.  I wonder if the more time that I live here if I will feel this way.  

I did start work last Thursday and I can definitely say, I LOVE working!  I am so happy that I have a job doing something I love.   It feels really good.  Lately I have been feeling a bit blah (probably the non-stop rain/clouds) and I think doing something productive has helped.  So worth the wait for the work permit!   

I just went to coffee with a friend from the States, one from Australia, one from Japan, and one friend from Ecuador.  That's pretty cool and something I didn't find myself doing back home.    I love that about it here....

Last Saturday we went out for a friend's birthday dinner and it turned into a night out dancing.  I LOVE dancing!  Gosh, dancing brings out the endorphins more than anything else I do!  So much fun.  

I look happy don't I??  

And I have to mention I saw another stunning sunset in the backyard  this week.  Wow.