a few things...

I STILL have not written the birthday letter for Zoë.  I have something due at work that I need to focus upon, but once I finish, I will put all of my spare time into that letter!

I learned a few things this week.  One interesting thing I learned in Fijian class is that Fijians are not really big into birthdays.   Birthdays are becoming a bigger deal nowadays, but mostly they just focus on major life milestones.  When a baby takes his or her first steps, there is a huge celebration/feast.  When a boy first gathers firewood, there is a feast.  When boys get circumcised around 9 or 10 years old, there is a HUGE feast and party.  When girls get their first period, there is a big celebration!  It's pretty cool I think.  These kids and their families don't focus as much on years...but milestones.   I like it.  It's a nice transition into adulthood.  

On another note, at book club this week, one of the members told me that in their family when a kid turns 13 they get to choose a parent and anywhere in the world to travel to.  They start researching early and pick their final destination by the time they turn 13.  This friend traveled to Tokyo (where she had lived before) with her daughter.  She said it was AMAZING!   I LOVE this idea! Love, love, love it.   I know it could be expensive and I would want to make sure that the parent that didn't get picked gets to do something special too, but the idea of this is so cool.  A nice trip before they enter teenager land and don't want to be seen with you again for 10 years.  I love going to book club because I always leave inspired with ideas like this....or inspired to travel more, read more..... be more knowledgeable.  It's an awesome group of women.

And.....today Andie swam in the Nationals Swim Tournament.  She swam 50 meter backstroke this morning and has two more events before the end of the weekend.  (We are going back in a few hours).  Anyway, she got FIRST place and set a personal record for herself!  We are so proud of her!  I am just so happy that she put in so much time and effort into training and it paid off.   I try not to be a crazy mom screaming for her as she does her events....but it never works out.   I get so caught up in it all!   We are thrilled for her and she is too!  Update soon on the rest of the competition

at the start

I promise she was happy!

nervous for her friend swimming

yay! proud of herself!