Zoë's Birthday weekend

This weekend was the time to celebrate Zoë's birthday and today is her actual birthday (in Fiji anyway).    So hard to believe she's 6.  She still feels like my baby that sucks her thumb and carries around a stinky old blankie everywhere.  (Well, she does still do those things...so she is still my baby a little bit).  She also does big 6 year old girl things now too....   More love coming soon to Zoë when I can finally get my birthday letter pulled together.  My deadline is by Thursday.

Somehow I was able to convince both girls that instead of a big birthday party this year they should just do something small with their friends.   Both were super excited about it!  Zoë decided that she wanted to invite three friends to the movies and to Snowy House (ice cream type of place) after the movies.  She asked for one of those friends to spend the night, along with her sister for Andie to play with.  Easy!   So much easier than a big birthday party!  Actually, Warren has been out of town for almost two weeks (he went to Panama for a conference), so I pulled off the "party" without him.  We went to see Angry Birds, the only kids movie currently in the theater, and then went to get our snowy ice cream.  The girls had a BLAST!   I got everyone popcorn and water, packed a bag of lollies/candy for each girl and sat back to enjoy the show.  The cost of tickets, everyone's popcorn and drinks, and snowy house (which is quite expensive for Fijian standards) still only cost me $70 USD....way cheaper than a big birthday party.   After the movies, the girls RAN off their sugar all over Snowy House, but that was ok because a zillion other kids were doing the same thing.  We put a candle in Zoë's ice cream and sang Happy Birthday, which she wasn't happy about.  She won't even let me bring cupcakes to her classroom because she is too embarrassed for everyone to sing to her.   I've asked her a couple of times and every time I get a "NO...I don't want everyone to sing to me."   Funny, because her sister would LOVE that...  

Her face says it all.  She's mortified!

After a while at Snowy House, we said goodbye to her two buddies and then came back to our house for a sleepover.   Again, the girls had SO MUCH FUN!   I really cannot get over how much these girls love each other.  I love their Mom and they all love each other.  It's pretty awesome.  We will all be heartbroken when they leave in January, but so much better people for having been close to them all.  Their friendships are so special.  We had homemade icecream, and pizza, and cupcakes in the morning.   Everyone was awake by 5:30 a.m. so cupcakes at 8:00 a.m. didn't seem to crazy.  With just a few people singing, and sharing the spotlight with Lainie as it was her birthday too, Zoë loved being sung to.  Side note- while we were all out by the pool, one of the little girls, Tahli, said to me...."Kate, what is on your stomach?"  I had to explain stretch marks to her and how that is what happens sometimes when you have a baby.  She looked mortified and explained that didn't happen to her mommy.  She said, "Ugh...it's really creeping me out."  Later, she said again, "Kate, your belly is really freaking me out.  I cannot even look at it!"  Well, so much for thinking I could pull of a bikini this summer!  I don't want to scare small children!  Oh, the honesty of kids!!!   I just have to laugh!

Warren gets home this evening and Zoë has chosen Sushi Train for her birthday dinner out.   It will be so nice to be reunited with him and celebrate our sweet, shy, crazy six year old!

This morning Zoë woke at the crack of dawn and just couldn't wait until Warren got home to open her presents.  She opened all but one this morning.  Here's a glimpse of our crazy morning.  Zoë LOVED her gifts from her grandparents and cousins!  Thank you!!!!!!!  (Her face says it all!)  She also loved all of her video messages from loved ones!  Will be so fun to see everyone soon!

super excited when she figured out what BeBe and PapPap sent her!

SHOPKINS from Amma!!!