Goodbye Amma and an injury to go with it

We said goodbye to Amma/Anne/Warren's mom yesterday.   It was harder than I expected it to be.  She is so lovely.   She's easy to have around so nice to be with.   It was great for the girls (and me and Warren too) to spend so much one on one time with her.  (I am pretty sure she won't want to play another game of Uno or Go Fish for a long time).    I cannot believe it will be a year until we see her or any of our stateside family or friends again.  It just seems too long.   We all miss her.

After she left, we had a rainy day inside and then finally right before bed, the girls got outside to swim.  Andie accidentally hit her head on the side of the pool and now she has glue stitches.    She was super brave at the hospital and I was surprisingly calm throughout all of it.  I am however very grateful that Warren was home!   While she may not like the scar or the swelling, right now she is quite happy with the attention that the bandage brings!

Happy with stitches