Christmas in the tropics

It's been the regular old holiday madness around here lately!   Before the holidays, Tricia and her kids came over for some holiday crafts and treats - an annual tradition for our family.   It was fun! 

All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!  (and loads of sweets!)

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the final creation

Mere and the girls had fun hanging together this week too.  Lots of down time at home equates to selfies galore.  

I also had a Christmas Eve cup of Christmas cheer with my girlfriends from home.   Who knew you could Facebook video conference with so many people at once!  

Holly wants everyone to have a Holly Jolly Christmas season!  She's so cute.  We are falling hard for this one!

Christmas Eve jammies - courtesy of Bebe- love this tradition

Presents all wrapped and ready for the morning- Finish time- 1:30 a.m.  Yikes!

Especially when this was the wake up time so I could take Mere to the bus so she could get home for Christmas!  Two hours sleep is not sufficient for me!  

I came home to find the girls already awake at 4:40a.m. but we were able to hold them off until 6am.  SOOOOO much excitement!!!    VERY VERY happy girls (and grownups too) with all of our awesome gifts.  Thank you sooooo much family and Santa!

A mess that gives me a warm, cozy feeling - probably only happens once a year that a mess can make me feel this good!

Post opening present frenzy - chill out time- with new toys!
The chill-out time didn't last too long as we had friends over for Christmas Day lunch/dinner.   I don't know how I managed hosting on 3 hours of sleep, but I floated through with my good friend, caffeine.   It was SUPER hard to be away from our family on Christmas this year.  I missed being in Virginia and know how hard it was on our parents.    I felt guilty and sad to be away.   But, it was really nice to be with our good friends in Fiji.  I felt grateful that we have friends to celebrate with and while it's not the same as family, I still felt wrapped in love.  It's nice knowing next year we will be in the States so we can make the most of our time with our Fiji Christmas!  

We got to go here this week.  Beautiful day at the beach- celebrating the holidays!  Nice!