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I am sitting here snuggled into a bed that's not my own, but with Lola at my feet.  It's wonderful and surreal.   Gosh, I've missed her!  We are dog sitting for Lola and her sister, Sauce, while her current owners are away for the week.  It's really great to be able to be with we are all a family once again.   It's going to be tough to say goodbye, except that I can see how incredibly loved she is.  She is taken care of better than we ever took care of her, so it feels so right for her to be here - but still hard.

The last few days have been perfect really.  The weather in Atlanta has shown off for us. It's been about 77 degrees, sunny, and breezy every day.  All day today we sat outside at the farmer's market, just relaxing with friends on a blanket.   Afterwards, we hung out on Lola's porch, walked to the nearby Six Feet Under for dinner, and just chilled on the porch.  Being here feels normal and natural.  I love Atlanta. This city is awesome. I love our friends.  It's easy to picture ourselves back here, like we never even left really.  We really had a nice life - which makes leaving hard all over again.  I love our life in Fiji too....but it's been good here.  I remember when we used to live here and we would travel to Richmond, I would miss it too - always struggling to say goodbye.  Maybe I just get comfortable wherever I am and then miss it when I leave.   It's a good thing in some ways I guess - but it does make goodbyes tough.

Yesterday started off perfectly with a run with Allison.  I got third place in my age group which really surprised me!  I think being in the new 40 age group really worked in my favor!  Then we ate amazing Mexican food (as I mentioned earlier) and headed to a massive play date at the park.  It was great for Andie and Zoe to see so many of their old friends.

After the play date I rushed over to a sip and see to finally meet the baby of my dear friends who I've been dying to meet.   It was awesome to see them in person and to finally wrap my arms around their sweet Kaden.   I'm so in love already!

I hurried back to the Troxwell-Capellos house afterwards for a porch party in our honour.   There were so many friends there and I felt like I wanted to sit down and connect with each and every one of them for hours.  The time flew by and people were leaving before I ever really felt like I had a chance to talk with them.  I guess that's how parties kind of go.   I don't think I'm very good at them.  I may be a better small group or one on one kind of person....but I do love a party too.   The Troxwell-Capellos were the ultimate hosts.   I feel so incredibly grateful to have them.... and so gracious that they opened up their home to us while we were here.

This morning was a relaxing easy morning with father's day cards and love....  followed by the farmers market and outside chilling all day - as I said above.  I'm beyond grateful for my own Dad who has been such a good role model for me - always full of love and support no matter what I do.  I'm so grateful for Warren too - who truly is the best Dad I could ever hope for for the girls.   We both missed Glen today.  While we were happy to celebrate the day, there was definitely a huge piece missing - just knowing we couldn't call him to wish him the best.  I'm guessing Father's Day will always feel that way now - grateful for what we have and had - but missing Glen too.

old preschool crew

face painting

reunited with Lola!

walking everywhere....


  1. Every time we are in Charleston, Richard starts to get the rose colored glasses about the 'olde life'. I have to remind him that he isn't working so of course everything is nice, easy, and traffic to deal with, no deadlines, no cupcakes needed yesterday for a school event, no grass to cut, etc.....enjoy your time but don't what if....

  2. I am so glad you are having such fun! It looks and sounds amazing :) miss you and love hearing about your adventures❤️


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