One day down in America

One day down in America.    It’s been a whirlwind and I still feel like I am in a dream.   I actually feel like I’m moving as if I’m walking through mud.  Tired.   But….I’m tired and happy.  
We got in Wednesday night around 11:30.  We all had a lot of adrenaline so I don’t think anyone went to bed until maybe 2am.  I slept until 9 (only because I had to get up) and went to a doctor’s appointment.  It was so weird.  I’ve been going to this doctor for years, so it was an odd feeling sitting waiting in this office as if no time had passed.  I wore shorts.  That was weird too.  I regretted wearing shorts immediately, not because it was inappropriate, but because I was SO freezing.   The AC here is nuts.  It is hot outside (which I’m used to) but I am not used to being freezing inside.  Everywhere is cold!  Anyway, after my appointment,  I got to walk over to CVS (crazy, crazy options there) and then to my friend Tom’s office (very impressive).  I felt like I was in a dream the whole time.    Then, I took an Uber to meet Warren and Allison and kids at a new market, Ponce Markets.  It was incredible!   There were SOOOO many food options – anything I wanted!  It was overwhelming.  I cannot believe all of the choices.   I ended up eating part of Warren’s amazing cheeseburger, drinking a margarita, and eating a red beet, lentil, goat cheese salad.   YUM!!!!!    SO good (I am going to gain so much weight here).   I was impressed by all of the healthy options here.  

barefoot and King of Pops!

new Ponce City Markets

crazy options!

Funny Fiji fail – Warren, Allison, Zoe, and Darcy drove over to the market from their house.  As soon as they got out of the car, Warren noticed Zoe wasn’t wearing shoes.  He asked her, “Where are your shoes?”  She said, “I didn’t wear them.  I don’t need shoes.”  So funny!  She never wears shoes in Fiji and it’s perfectly normal.   Thank goodness she had on a long dress so it wasn’t so noticeable!  I found myself saying “Vinaka” to everyone and double looking at every white person I saw – expecting to know them! Obviously, I won’t know every Caucasian in Atlanta!
After lunch, I crashed for about 45 minutes and then went to pick up Andie from one of her best friend’s (Lucy’s) house.   They had an amazing day together.  Lucy’s mom, Beth, said they didn’t miss a beat.  It was so beautiful watching them together.  They kept complimenting each other and hugging one another.   As soon as we walked away Andie said, “I miss her already.”   I felt sad and happy all at once to see the two of them.  So sad that Andie is missing out on that friendship, but so happy she has that connection with someone.   Maybe I’m just so jet-lagged, but it made me want to cry.

BFF sweet!

We rushed home and then got ready for dinner out with friends.  Andie was reunited with Reid, Zoe reunited with Willa, and we were reunited with their parents!  It was awesome!  Again, it felt like no one had missed a beat.  It was so easy to re-connect with everyone.  In some ways it felt like I hadn’t left at all.  It was also awesome food!  (Meatballs, phenomenal salads and pizza).    Poor Andie couldn’t fall asleep last night until way after 11 but she is still in bed now and it’s 9:30 a.m.    More later – going to go check out our old house!!!


One day later:   We couldn't check out our house as the manager guy didn't show up.  We got Morelli's and the girls were super happy.  We ended the night with a great cook out with friends.  Yesterday I did a long one and ran a race with Allison.  Perfect start to the morning.   We had an awesome party last night...and I'll post WAY more later!!!


Love my running buddy!

Post race Mexican food.  YUM!  I ate a whole bowl of queso!