Weekend at Doubletree - talents

I have been awake since 4:23 a.m.  Four days a week I wake at 5 so I can exercise, so it's not a huge stretch....but 4:30!  I have so much on my mind before our trip next week.  I am SOOO excited, but for some reason I am nervous too.  I feel like I have a lot to do before we go and the tight schedule there is stressing me out...even though it excites me too.  Maybe it's just the anticipation.  One of the things I need to do is write...about our weekend and to my sweet Zoë for her belated birthday.  When I don't write....it weighs down on me...and I don't have time to be weighed down right now!  So.......

We decided we would be on Suva lock-down since our last trip to a resort in mid April, but we couldn't resist the opening specials at Hilton's Doubletree.  The hotel just opened last month and has amazing local specials.  This is probably the only time we will get there on the awesome rates, so we took advantage of it and had an awesome weekend getaway.  The drive is a bit much for a weekend 2.5 hours or so, but it was worth it.  This place was awesome!  It was perfect for our family.  It is located on a small island so the kids had free run of the place.  I love when I can just tell the kids, "Hey, run back to our bure and grab the sunscreen" or whatever.   They have such independence and thrive in that.  

Right after we got there Friday night, there was a pretty magnificent sunset so Warren and I grabbed our glasses of wine and perched ourselves right on the edge of the sea.  The girls did talent shows for us while we took in the view.   Zoë has gotten pretty good at gymnastics.  She cartwheels everywhere in life (the grocery store isles, our driveway, school, anytime she has to go from point A to point B.)  She has figured out how to do a one handed cartwheel and she is CONSTANTLY doing handstands.  I cannot even imagine  how strong her arms have gotten at this point because she is on them so frequently.  Andie also takes gymnastics but isn't as into it....  she likes to do handstands but she is far from perfecting her cartwheel.   So, in their talent show they took turns with their routines.  First Zoë did a series of cartwheels, round-offs, and handstands - very impressive.  Andie attempted one and then after Zoë corrected her, she did her own thing.  She was mostly dancing quite gracefully with lots of turns and fancy feet movement.  When she finished her little act, she called us over to the sand.  Turns out the dancing was all part of her final piece - a drawing in the sand done by her feet!  They each have different strengths - both in talents and personalities.  Zoë may have the gymnastics down, but Andie brings out the creative side.  I love that they are so different and both have so much to offer in their own way.  

Our sunset watching location

After our sunset talent show, we ate dinner on the sand right by the ocean.  It was SO good!  For the first time since we've lived here, we got mud crabs - it definitely won't be the last time.  Yum!   It was a great night. 

dinner time

 The next day, we lazed around all day - late brunch on the water, swimming in the pool, reading books, taking naps, FaceTiming with friends and family by the pool, capped off by another phenomenal sunset and great meal.   It was a nice family weekend before things get all crazy in the States.  I'm so glad we went for it.  


swim up bar

where we had lazy, long breakfast - Andie not happy I'm taking her pic



Zoë almost falling..

Um,....how can she look this old?!

Early to rise!

morning pool selfie

had to stop at our favorite, Eco-Cafe on the way home