And then there's this....

On another note, today I was grocery shopping.  I got to the store right when the store opened at 8am.  As I was walking through the veggie isle, I saw one of the employees spraying the vegetables with insect spray.  This was not just your usual spray that you may think is ok to digest... (if that even exists) but ordinary bug killer like you use in your home when you see a roach.   They don't have RAID here, but like that!  It stunk like poison and he was spraying it on the vegetables just like it was water!  I stood there with my mouth open...unable to say anything to him. what?  Do I only buy fruit and veggies you can peel?  Do I grow everything myself?   I need to find out if they spray like that at the market too.  If not, obviously that's the only place I'll shop for produce.   I hope when I ask I get a straight answer.  I need to befriend a farmer!   Until then...scrub scrub scrub and peel my produce.   Yikes.

This is the kind of spray he was spraying!

Hard to read but this says to not spray near food!


  1. Oh. My. God. Eat only things you can peel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wash them before you peel them!


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