Home days during spring break

The girls had spring break for the past two weeks. They are (finally) back to school today!  It's been amazing and hard to have them at home for two weeks.    (We've gone to Naigani and to the village, but the rest of the time we've been at home)  The girls go from being each other's besties playing for hours happily to screaming and hitting one another a moment later.  I so appreciate when they love on one another and then I get so irritated when they whine and scream seconds later. Such is life with siblings I guess!    There's been a lot of unpacking involved and some tv watching.   We've had friends over, ate some good meals,  and even introduced corn hole to a few friends.   Here's a few moments caught during the time at home.

Andie finished the 1,000 piece puzzle she (and the rest of us) have been working on!  She feels so proud of herself!

We got some new deck chairs for the pool.   The girls have already taken them over and have taken to "ordering" snacks and drinks from the kitchen while relaxing.   Maybe they think I work at a resort?   Andie is requesting a drink in this photo.  (Don't worry, I make them go and get their own drinks!)

Picked a few papayas over the break.

Cheesy selfie on the new chairs.  Just love the chairs and the view. 

Zoe  has decided she loves to wash dishes (YAY) and has been great about helping out at home. 

Sister play date

Had some time for skyping with friends over the break.  Andie and Reid skyped for 1.5 hours! 
Uncle Adam gave the girls this ice cube float for Christmas.  We finally unpacked the air compressor so they are getting some use out of it.  They LOVE it.  It has provided endless hours of giggling, rough housing, and general fun. 

Twister play date among our last few boxes to be unpacked. 

Two happy girls and their dad in the cube.   

Have to end with the sunset.