Full belly and a happy heart

Somehow or another my besties on What's App and I started chatting today about what food do I miss most from the states.   I immediately thought of a big, juicy hamburger from Holman and Finch, or even Five Guys.  I actually rarely eat burgers, but here the burgers are way less than optimal.  Nothing like at home in my opinion.  I also mentioned a huge spinach salad with strawberries, blue cheese, and a raspberry vinaigrette topping.  And, mmmmmm.... followed by fresh strawberries with whipped cream.   That sounds amazing.   I really miss strawberries especially at this time of year.

I had to go to the embassy today for the notary and OH MY GOSH, it's burger day!   I wasn't sure if the burger would be similar to the others I've had here...but I ordered one...with cheese!   I just got home and devoured it.  YUM.   Just what I wanted. The best I've had here.  So much for losing those 10 pounds.  Gonna have to start that tomorrow!   Also, to top it off, another bestie, Kathleen sent a package for me and the girls.   I love that she knows me so well that she wrote on the outside of the package, "The candy is for you."  This way I knew not to open it with the kids just in case I didn't want to share.    It's so awesome to receive packages and pictures from home.  Thanks Queenie!   LOVE IT.    (I did eat some of the candy...but will also share the rest!)

I am so full and so happy.   It's the little things!