More Cika stories....

It's been a pretty slow week.  We had the threat of a cyclone category 3 passing over us....but after much preparation and a little anxiety - Zena weakened a few hours before she was supposed to hit and Suva fared fine.  Nadi and other parts of the island suffered from major flooding and at least one life was lost.  I feel so terribly for all of the families still living in tents (due to Winston) throughout this rain and wind.

The kids are off of school and have enjoyed many play dates and a fun drumming, painting, fire-dancing, Pacific island dancing camp at Rako Pasefika.  They've LOVED it!  I love that they love it. I've managed to stay away from the eye virus (thank goodness) but I cannot say as much for so many of my friends and family.   Everyone is walking around with sunglasses on.  Poor Warren cannot get rid of his bloody eyes!  Check out Wendy's day by day progress of this virus.  Ugh.

My cika journey! (Viral conjunctivitis which is currently an epidemic here in Fiji). For a very funny parody song check out

I've used this much hand sanitizer in the past 10 days!   Fingers crossed I don't get it!  

Every morning I wake up and check out my eyes.   So far, so good.   

Worse than the Cika virus, I swear I saw a dengue mosquito this morning in our kitchen.  I google imaged it and it looks exactly like a mosquito carrying dengue.  Well, Fanny swatted at and killed it (thankfully) and blood came out of it bit one of us.  I am hoping, hoping, HOPING I am wrong it's not actually a mosquito with just strongly resembles one.   We shall see....

I spent a lot of time finishing my book last  and spent a lot of time with friends last weekend and this coming one too.   Once again, feeling grateful to have close friends here.   Hopefully they will take care of me when I have dengue  :(

Wait, how could I forget to add that we found a baby kitten in our house this week.  Andie has named it Reggie.  It's since been outside as Warren and I are allergic and we are sure it has worms.  I've put out food for it and it keeps returning....but we really don't need a pet cat.  We travel too much and we are both really allergic.   Andie is in love though.   I am not sure what to do about it.